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Perfect for relaxed Summer reading or for a group study in the Fall…..

I just crafted another 90-second movie trailer on iMovie. This particular movie version targets South Asia and the Middle East (but the book is for everyone). Have a look:

The novel, The Blackberry Bush, is ideal for small groups, classes (high school, college, and adult), and book clubs, because it has a built in study-guide in the back. Please consider ordering a stack for your next study.

How to get the book:

  • Order it on AMAZON
  • Get it on KINDLE (in less than a minute)
  • Download it to your NOOK
  • Buy it in person at BARNES & NOBLE stores (extra copies at Edina, MN, and West Des Moines, IA stores)
  • Worldwide free shipping at BOOK DEPOSITORY.
  • Available on the shelves at WALMART (if it’s sold out, ask for a manager!)
  • For those of you in Minnesota, pick up a copy at HOSANNA! church in Lakeville.
  • For those of you in Kensington (London), pick up a copy at HTB.
  • For those of you in Muswell Hill (London), pick up a copy at ST JAMES CHURCH.
  • Coming soon to C.U.M. bookstores in South Africa
  • Coming soon to Koorong  in Australia
Read REVIEWS <<here

The final copies of my first novel just arrived!

Have a look at the 90-second intro-to-the-novel video movie:

Please pass it on to others, thanks!

The book comes with a built-in study guide for groups, book clubs, and classes.


  • purchase information (Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Book Depository, etc)
  • reviews (via Powell’s in Portland)
  • interview
  • study guide
  • more videos
  • synopsis
….check out: NOVEL WEBSITE

My novel is finished.

A breathtaking treasure hunt across two continents and the landscape of your soul.

It’s in proofreading and typesetting now.

Coming out June 1, 2011 through Summerside Press/Guideposts.

Some random thoughts:

  • Two separate continents. Two unfinished stories. One shared destiny?
  • A global treasure hunt for a shared backstory…
  • The human condition: Broken Responses to Impossible Demands
  • Time to replace Catcher in the Rye, don’t you think?
  • What if you could balance “balance itself?” Could you walk on water?
  • A coming-of-age story that re-tells, in a way, your story.
  • Where were you when the Berlin Wall fell? When the World Trade Towers came down?
  • Why can relationships with grandparents be so very special?
  • Great for book clubs and classes. Includes a study guide.
  • Isn’t there a splendid randomness to the way your day is coming together?
  • God is subtle; yet relentless…
  • Are we in the presence of a God who still speaks?
  • A book for everyone who loves reading, but especially for “intelligent young adults.” They will relate to the characters, generationally. Great for AP English Classes and University Literature and Religion courses.

Check out the FACEBOOK FAN PAGE. Click “like” and “share” if you’d be so kind.

Check out the AMAZON PAGE (pre-orders, etc.). Will also be available on Kindle.

Get a copy for your local library.

What if it’s the little things that happen today that determine your destiny?

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