I live in a very narrow house, a few blocks from the Huntington Beach Pier, in sunny California.

I surf there. A lot. When I’m not snowboarding in the nearby mountains.

Most days, I sit in my Ikea lounge chair and write things. Lots of things. More than you think.

Most weeks, I walk down a jetway into a metal tube with engines and fly somewhere so I can speak with (1 to 5,000) people. I teach them things I have learned along the way, and I have covered many miles (literal and otherwise) in my half century on this planet.  They pay me to do it, so I go.  And I always get a window seat–I might be watching you right now!

I read really old books and understand some important (to me) dead languages. But I don’t talk to dead people, so don’t ask me to contact your deceased relatives.

I also love Europe. My especially good looking and fun-to-be-with wife is from Holland and our son (see pic above) was born in Germany. He is very big and strong; strong enough to throw you out of a window. I prefer reading fiction in the Dutch language by Mulisch, Beckman, Kimpen, Nooteboom, and t’Hart. I wish I was Italian, but ended up a Norwegian-American Lutheran.

I hang out with Pentecostals; they are my tribe. Yes, we speak in tongues and believe in healing. Most colorful people on earth. I wrote a book about it for you cautious types.

Robinwood Church meets in a tragically hip warehouse every Sunday morning a few miles from my house. They seem to think I am their leader, because they let me talk for 45 minutes about the Bible after they sing with their hands up in the air for a long time. But I know better–we are lead by a great team. Whatever you can imagine Robinwood is like, you can’t really know unless you hang out with us. And people all over the world listen to our podcast. Computer nerds tell us that it is one of the most listened to church podcasts around. I don’t like to wear shoes when I preach, and socks were a really bad invention. I moved to California mostly to get away from socks.

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