These colors don’t torture. Ever.

Waterboarding is sub-human.

Invented in the Spanish Inquisition. Fun times.

The average person lasts 14 seconds before cracking.

Many survivors suffer from lifetime suffocation anxiety.

And what if you get the wrong guy? And he has nothing to share? Most likely permanent mental damage.

We cannot give the green light to Abu Ghraib behavior.

I am so embarrassed for our presidential candidates that they had a debate on this last night.

For the record, Michelle Bachmann and Herman Cain came out last night in favor of waterboarding. As was Rick Perry.

Huntsman and Paul said no. Paul was vehement.

Where does Romney Stand? Gingrich?

A debate.

On torture.

“Enhanced interrogation techniques.”

Good Lord, how Orwellian a phrase can you craft (comment via Brian Zahnd)?

I’m planting a flag on this issue.

Where do you stand?

Can Americans bomb neighborhoods (Germany 300k civilian bombing deaths, Japan 700k, in World War 2)?

Can we send drones into compounds, regretting the “collateral damage” (another Orwellian term)?

Please hear me; I am not a dove. Still regret not doing special forces when I was young. I am against all forms of gun control.

But either we stand for higher ideals, or our fighting is no longer worth bleeding and dying for.