This blog will be a rant-free zone.

I have just deleted a bunch of rants. Restate your argument without ad-hominem “splats” and insulting the intelligence of anyone (or me) on this blog, and I will print your comments.

This blog gets tons of traffic (way more than you think) because it is G-rated and cultivates a climate of respect.

We handle tough issues, agreeably.

Many of us disagree fervently on most of these issues.

I am a family-values libertarian, but some of our contributors (e.g. David Beriss) are progressive liberals. I value some of the liberals on this blog most of all and welcome their disagreement.

Please folks, no more equating anyone with Hitler. No more lampooning our president. No more conspiracy rants.

Intelligent discussion by people who are mindful of the value of others.

Help me to police this; I can’t always be online. Simply reply to a rant with “thats not how we act here, please tone it down.” I’ll delete it when I get there.

All opinions welcome.

But only if they are respectful.