As I read the Bible, I am struck by the frequency with which people walked to Jerusalem (several days journey, usually), celebrated a festival (multiple days), and walked home.

Wedding receptions took days, not hours.

Since the industrial revolution, America has become a sweatshop. We have less holidays and time off than virtually any other leading nation.

Please hear me, I am all for hard work. I love working and have no retirement plans.

However, we are human “doings” and not “beings” in America.

We see the elimination of Sunday blue laws (which mandated rest even for minimum wage folks) as “progress.” Sunday used to be so restful.

Lately, even on our few holidays, everything is open. This is a good thing?

We are becoming an engine that runs 24/7.

And our vacation times are all individual–we don’t share calendars. In Israel, everyone went to festivals together. It was social. Collective.

Don’t have a plan to fix this–just wanted to raise the issue.

What are your thoughts?

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