“I am tired of living among people who hate peace.”   -Psalm 120:6

Apparently, an eccentric person wants to promote Koran burning this week.

What are your thoughts on this?

Not, “Does he have a right to do this?”

But rather, “Is it a good idea?”

We seem, as a society, to have a hard time separating those questions.

I would like to suggest that it has more to do with creating and cultivating a culture of respect.

Burning flags is a bad idea. Burning books is a bad idea. Building a new $100 million Islamic center a stone’s throw from Ground Zero is a bad idea.

It has to do with respect, dignity and common sense.

So how do we cultivate a respect-based culture without losing our civil liberties and freedom of speech and expression?

It’s your voice I want to hear on this blog. Please share your thoughts.