Job utters his famous soundbite:

The LORD giveth, and the LORD taketh away.

Problem is, according to the story in the Bible, he was wrong.

The devil did all the taking. God did not lift a finger to take.

“Allow” and “take” are two different verbs.

There are many cases like this in the Bible, where a particular individual has a “perspective problem” (i.e. doesn’t see the whole picture), and voices it.

Thus, the person is “in error” in an inerrant book.

Now, for the record, I am a strident supporter of Biblical inerrancy. For a lot of reasons. But that’s the topic of another post.

The problem is, these “problematic” sound-bites have legs, and get quoted. For instance, Job’s quote is a central verbal phrase in the classical Anglican funeral liturgy. Cranmer, the Book of Common Prayer, and all that.

Have a good look at the bottom of the gravestone above.

There are lots of other examples of catchy non-role-model-thought throughout the Bible. The most famous one is Job’s wife: Curse God and die.

What are your thoughts on this?